Single-Storey Homes

Single-Storey Homes

We offer a wide variety of single-storey homes, a modelthat is all the rage at the moment. With varying surface area, with or without a garage, our single-storey houses are made with large and abundant windows and are perfect for young couples and families.

If you’re looking for an affordable living space where everyone can enjoy both private and shared space, you’ll find what you need right here on this page.

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Boka II

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Elegant, modern, clean and luminous, Casa, our modern house, is distinguished by its capacity to give free reign to your creativity. You can personalize its large open spaces according to your taste and your needs, to create an ambiance that reflects whoyou are and to make it your personal space.


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With its five rooms(three of which are on the ground floor), its bathroom and shower room, the modern house Livia is designed for large families. The main bedroom contains a large walk-in closet with windows, which allows the lady and gentleman of the house to keep a large wardrobe of clothes and accessories, with style.


The “wow” effect of the architectural marvel that is our Logan model will be felt by all fans of the modern house. Its entry hall with high ceiling and lots of light sets the tone from the moment of entry. While the bedrooms and bathrooms of the ground floor are closed for privacy, the kitchen, dining room and lounge are in one open space, perfect for socializing between family members and with guests. This California-style model features double sliding French doorsand a large window, which combine to bath the spacious room in light.


Warm, welcoming, and romantic, this single-storey house seduces with its high ceilings and contemporary designs in the kitchen, living room, and lounge. Its numerous and large windows, fill the space with sunlight, particularly at the back. On winter nights everyone can gather around the gas fireplace to warm their extremities after spending time outdoors.


This single-storey house exudes class and modernity. The two enormous windows guaranty the entry of a maximum amount of natural light, including in the basement.


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In this single-family home, the kitchen (which is as luxurious as it is functional) steals the show. Naturally lighted with large windows, including one that is horizontal, this kitchen’s large counters have space for lots of small appliances without getting in the way of the work space. Kitchen, living room and lounge come together in one large space.


Inspired by the most sumptuous residences, but at a fraction of the price, this modern house will stand the test of time with its functionality and optimal use of space.


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